St Joseph's Primary Warialda

Student Wellbeing

Rights and Responsibilities

The following three rights are important for creating a positive learning environment at St Joseph’s Primary School:

  1. The right to feel safe and be safe
  2. The right to learn and teach in a nurturing and respectful environment
  3. The right to be in a clean, healthy and stimulating environment


  • Students will play safely and responsibly
  • All equipment will be used appropriately
  • Students will remain within the school grounds and play in designated areas
  • Students will abide by the Behaviour Management Policy
  • All members of our school community will be treated with respect
  • Everyone will use good manners
  • Everyone will cooperate, share ideas and resources with a spirit of generosity
  • Everyone will strive to do their best and reach their potential
  • Everyone will clean up after themselves
  • Everyone will care for all equipment and resources
  • Everyone will care for their own and others belongings

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