St Joseph's Primary Warialda

Religious Education

gospel-valuesReligious Education is implemented using the Religious Education text series To Know, Worship and Love. Lessons include learning and teaching activities such as listening to and retelling of Scripture stories, role playing, class discussions, group and individual prayer, singing, illustrating, painting, dramatizations and constructing models.

Whole school masses and liturgies are an integral part of our school calendar and are linked to the Liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church and its Feast Days, as well as to celebrate special occasions such as Anzac Day, National Sorry Day and Remembrance Day.

From Kindergarten to Year 6, students participate in a classroom based Sacrament program, which builds upon the foundations of each year. Sacraments are celebrated in our Parish, strengthening and affirming valuable links between the Parish and the school community. Students receive Sacraments at the following levels:

  • Year 2 – Reconciliation
  • Year 3 – Eucharist
  • Year 5/6 – Confirmation (every second year)

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